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    Apto Partners with LDCRE to Help Brokers Expose Their Listings More Widely Online

    -Other Apto Integration Partners include Buildout, OfficeSpace.com, Real Capital Markets

    -Apto Users Also Can Export Listing Data for Upload to CoStar, Other Services

    -No More Duplicate Data Entry

    Denver, CO - (March 19, 2018)
    Apto, the #1 tech platform for commercial real estate brokers, has partnered with Leavitt Digital (LDCRE) to enable commercial real estate brokers using Apto to propagate listings to LDCRE with one click.  LDCRE syndicates listings to 900+ news websites around the world.  Commercial real estate brokers use the Apto CRM to track contacts and prospects, properties and listings, and deals. 

    “Our mission has always been to reduce inefficiencies for brokers so they can focus on high value tasks,” says Tanner McGraw, founder and chief strategy officer of Apto.  “That’s why integrations with listing services in particular have been a top priority for Apto.  We want to help our customers quickly distribute their listings to get broader exposure and attract more buyers and tenants.”

    “This new integration with LDCRE makes brokers even more productive while increasing exposure for their listings without having to enter data multiple times on multiple websites.” 

    Apto integrates with a number of other listing syndication services and CRE partners including Buildout, OfficeSpace.com and Real Capital Markets.  Listing data maintained in Apto also can be easily exported for distribution to other listing services such as CoStar.

    About Apto

    Apto ( http://www.minmu37.net/ ) is the #1 CRM and deal management software for commercial real estate brokers, with more paid users than any other service.  Apto was built by and for brokers to help them track contacts and prospects, properties and listings, and deals.  The fields, screens and workflows are designed specifically for commercial and multifamily real estate pros.  Apto can be used anywhere on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

    Apto customers include CBRE, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers International and NAI Global.  Apto, based in Denver, is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., as ranked by Inc. magazine. 

    Media contacts for more info:

    Cary Brazeman, cary@thecorporatestoryteller.com, 310-205-3590
    Victoria Ozols, victoria@thecorporatestoryteller.com, 310-205-3590


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